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All staff are background checked as well as CPR and first aid certified.


Academy Coach

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Sadie is originally from Texas. She was a part of cheerleading for 15 years and has done 8 years of recreational gymnastics. Her favorite event to coach is beam (which she hated when she was in gymnastic). She loves all of the classes she teaches and she is always encouraging her kids to never give up! She loves art and reading. In her spare time Sadie volunteers for the Women’s Healing and Empowerment Network and Cleon’s Closet and Food Pantry in Airway Heights. Sadie is very passionate for cheerleading and advocating for those that don’t have a voice against domestic Violence. Her favorite candy is a Kit Kat bar and her favorite food is tacos. Her favorite place is Port Aransas, an island in Texas.


Academy Coach

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Iris teaches our recreational classes, she has done competitive gymnastics for 5 years here at MVG. She is extremely passionate about gymnastics. She is a very fun, active, and entertaining, but to the point kind of coach. She makes sure all the kids have fun! Her favorite classes to teach are the preschool classes, but she also enjoys helping out with our older classes as well. Her favorite events to coach are bars and vault. Her hobbies are baking, cooking, knitting, crocheting and cardboard crafting. Her favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and she loves South Perry Pizza.


Academy Coach

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Caelyn started gymnastics when she was 9 years old and since then she has participated in a number of sports such as: volleyball, cross country and track. Caelyn absolutely loves running and has been doing so for the past 4 years and plans on continuing. She is a part of the Honor’s Society and enjoys playing the piano, school, coaching and of course running.

Caelyn is quiet, but also fun and the kids respect her. She is super shy when you first meet her but she loves working with kids. Caelyn makes it a point to be very encouraging to the kids when they are learning new skills and she is always interactive with the classes and tries to show them the skills they are learning. Her favorite place is Seattle, and her favorite candy is anything chocolate. Her favorite event to coach is bars or beam.


Academy Coach

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Shyla has been involved in a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball, dance, and golf. She played golf in high school at the varsity level and lettered. She also has done several years of recreational gymnastics. Shyla’s coaching style is described as fun and very patient. Her favorite event to coach is bars and her favorite class to coach is Elite Kipper. Shyla is very passionate about ballet, tap dance and horse back riding. Shyla loves Hershey’s chocolate, singing, art, tacos, and California.


Competitive Coach and Academy Coach

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Chandler came from Iowa but has been living in Spokane for over a year now. He enjoys all the great hiking places Spokane has. Chandler has been involved in a variety of sports over the years including tennis, track, football, and soccer, but his favorite is dancing. He did hip-hop for 10 years both in club and dance teams at school. He is passionate about music and enjoys playing the guitar.

Chandler has been coaching gymnastics for about 5 years. He coached for 4 ½ years at a gymnastics facility in Iowa and more than 6 months at MVG. His favorite event to coach is bars.


Competitive Coach

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Stephanie grew up in Spokane and attended Eastern Washington University where she graduated with a degree in Technical Communication and a minor in Visual Design. Stephanie has been involved with gymnastics her whole life. She competed in MVG’s level 7 Junior Olympic program and University High School gymnastics for 4 years at the varsity level. She has been coaching gymnastics for 8 years here at MVG. Stephanie’s coaching style is described as fun, she likes things to be structured and done correctly and in a timely manner, her number one goal is safety. Her favorite events to coach are floor and beam. She is currently involved in Bible Study Fellowship and AIM (bible study for mothers). Her favorite candy is anything chocolate and chewy Sweet Tarts. Stephanie’s hobbies include American Sign Language, reading, hiking, and learning Russian. Stephanie has a set of twins, one boy and one girl who are also learning Russian and American Sign Language.


Competitive Coach

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Amy has been involved in gymnastics her whole life. She did gymnastics for 15 years and competed up to level 8 as an event specialist on beam and floor in the Junior Olympic program here at MVG. She also competed in high school gymnastics for 2 years at the varsity level. Amy is very passionate about kids especially those in foster care. For the past couple of summers she has volunteered at Royal Family Kids Camp, which is a camp for kids who are in the foster care system.

Amy’s coaching style is described as relationship oriented. She loves to help kids be the best versions of them selves and to work on their fear. Amy’s favorite event to coach is bars because it was the event she had the most trouble with when she competed.

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