School Age Open Gym

Open gym is a great time for your child to burn off extra energy or get some extra work on skills. Kids will have access to our trampoline, ropes, gymnastics floor, balance beams, and bars. Coaches will be present to ensure the safety of all students and to help kids develop skills.

Ages: 6+

**Open gyms will be starting in September

Open Gym Rules:

  1. Use your eyes to watch out for friends
  2. One person on trampoline at a time
  3. Ropes must have a mat under them at all times
  4. Don't climb on bars or beams that are higher than your head unless you do it in practice
  5. What they take out they help clean up

Preschool Open Play

Preschool Open Play is a fun time for you and your little one to explore the world creatively through movement. Each week MVG staff will set up obstacle courses that will challenge your little's balance, core strength, agility and climbing skills. Being in an environment that provides risk taking ventures will encourage your little to learn how to calculate risk effectively, and safely.

Ages: 18 months-5 years old

**Open play will be available in September

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